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Michael Coleman - Setting Up Camp...Buffalo Kill Gordon Corson - LIfe Game Will Cotton - Pirate Ship Norm Dilliger - Self Portrait Alex Ebel - The Demons of Gerald Ford Michelle Fierro - Untitled Michelle Fierro - Untitled Giovanni Frangi - Untitled Giovanni Frangi - Untitled Giovanni Frangi - Untitled Fabio Hererra - Bichos Fabio Hererra - Body Fabio Hererra - Cloud Fabio Hererra - Cuadricula Fabio Hererra - Easel Fabio Hererra - Espacio Fabio Hererra - Form Fabio Hererra - Green Fabio Hererra - Laguna Fabio Hererra - Lenos Fabio Hererra - Materia Fabio Hererra - Muro Fabio Hererra - Open Fabio Hererra - Pico Blanco Fabio Hererra - Presente Fabio Hererra - Signo A.F. Jacobson - Unknown (Seascape) Francis Neydhart - Samison Concert Zhang Ping - Unknown Don Ivan Punchatz - Crisis in Psychoanalysis Holly Roberts - Man With Dog and Black Holly Roberts - Bucking Pony Raymond Saunders - RS90-44 Raymond Saunders - Yellow & Green Raymond Saunders - Yellow Flower Ben Schonzeit - Brooklyn Bridge James Stagg - Reds Java House Marco G. Stefani - Elega Per Il Bosco Michael Steiner - Grosses Handwerk George Stillman - Fox Island George Stillman - In Full Bloom George Stillman - Japanese Iris George Stillman - Lillian on Beach George Stillman - Sage Summer James Swinerton - Page Mill Road M.A. Tobnanya - Tenabiu Beyep
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